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Electronic chemicals, known as electronic chemical materials, generally refer to specialty chemicals and chemical industrial materials used in electronic industry, namely, electronic components, PCB, various chemicals and materials used for industrial and consumer machines’ production and packing. They can be divided by application into substrate board, Photoresist, Electroplating chemicals, chip package material, high purity reagents, specialty gas, solvents, doping agent before cleaning, Solder Mask, acid and corrosion agent, special adhesive for electronic, auxiliary materials, etc.

We provide equipment and whole plant production line designing. We provide the factory output, production line contracting, factory renovation, and expansion, project management consulting , project design, completely solve the problems of producing electronic chemicals.

Main Equipment and Function Introduction:

High-speed disperser: used for raw material pre-dispersing, various types and specifications are for option, including disperser with scraper, vacuum disperser, dual shaft disperser(butterfly type agitator + dispersing disc), disperser mounted on platform, etc, fulfill requirements of different dispersing and mixing working condition.

Horizontal bead(s) mill: a type of wet milling machine used for electronic chemicals required high final fineness, has good fineness result and high efficiency, is the most widely-used grinding machine in the market, including disc type horizontal bead mill and all-round type horizontal bead mill.

High-shear emulsifier: used for materials dispersing, homogenizing, emulsifying and refining, divided into batch type high-shear emulsifier and inline high-shear emulsifier; the batch type emulsifier can be customized to kettle-mounted type and equipped with many other agitator forms, to implement multi-function; It can also be customized to vacuum or heating type, etc.

Dual pole planetary mixer: applicable to the high, middle and low viscosity adhesive products, various agitator forms are designed for different viscosity products, such as paddle type, claw type, frame type, twist type, etc.. The machine goes through CNC processing, and can be equipped with high-speed disperser and high-shear emulsifier, fulfills different working condition like vacuum, heating, explosion proof, etc.