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Oilfield chemicals, broadly speaking, refer to all chemicals during the process of oil exploration, drilling, gathering etc., mainly include mineral products (such as bentonite, etc.), universal chemicals (such as various acids and bases, etc.), natural products (e.g. starch), inorganic products (e.g. zinc carbonate) and special ( fine chemical) products (such as polymers and surfactants).

The main categories are: drilling mud additives, oil extracting chemical agents, gathering and transportation chemicals agents, water treatment chemicals agents, enhancing oil recovery ratio chemical agents.

We provide equipment and whole plant construction for oilfield chemicals production enterprises. We offer the entire plant output, engineering design services, factory renovation, expansion services, project management consulting services, design services to solve the difficulties in oilfield chemicals production thoroughly.

Main Equipment and Function Introduction:

High-shear Emulsifier: Used for emulsifying and homogenizing oilfield chemicals. Including batch type High-shear Emulsifier and inline type High-shear Emulsifier.

Reaction Kettle: Normally it is divided into pressure or pressurized vessel. It consists of kettle body, kettle cover, jacket, agitator, driving device, shaft sealing device, bearing (ground support type or platform lug type) and other parts. Different shaft sealing, cooling/heating method and mixing method can be customized.