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Lubricant oil is a kind of liquid or semi-solid lubricant used in all types of vehicles, machinery and equipment to reduce friction and to protect machinery as well as machined parts. It mainly plays as lubrication, cooling medium, anti-rust materials, cleaning, sealing and buffering.

Lubricant oil normally consists of base oil and additives. Base oil is the main component and it determines the basic properties of the lubricants. The additive is an important components of lubricant oil. It makes up for the short coming of the base oil performance and improves it, which offers the lubricant some new properties, we provide equipment and turn-key project for the lubricant oil companies. We have a long history of providing lubricating oil equipment and turnkey project for lots of world renowned lubricant oil production enterprises; We offer the entire plant output, engineering design service, factory renovation, expansion services, project management consulting services, project design services etc.. to solve the difficulties in lubricant production.

Main Equipment and Function Introduction:

Reaction Kettle: Normally it is divided into pressure or pressurized vessel. It consists of kettle body, kettle cover, jacket, agitator, driving device, shaft sealing device, bearing (ground support type or platform lug type) and other parts. Different shaft sealing, cooling/heating method and mixing method can be customized.

Planetary Mixer: suitable for mixing and defoaming the lubricants. Different agitators (paddle type, claw type, frame type, twist type, etc.) are designed for materials with different viscosity. They are 3D designed and processed in CNC processing center. High-speed Dispersing disc is available to meet the requirements of different production conditions.  

Extrusion Machine: Specially used for adhesives with poor liquidity. And design different extrusion pressure as per the viscosity of the materials, max. can be up to 300T to discharge materials completely without residue. The structure for lifting the tank up and then discharge materials are optional to make it easier to coordinate with the next process, for instance, filling system.

High-shear Emulsifier: It is used for homogenizing and emulsifying lubricants. Inline type is widely used. 

Liquid delivery system: liquid positive pressure and negative pressure conveying, pumping.

Powder, Liquid Batching System: including "incremental method", "decrement method", "volume method" and other batching methods.