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Papermaking chemicals are the common name of all the chemical during process, such as paste-making chemicals(such as boiling additive, deinking agent and etc.), papermaking chemicals(such as sizing agent, wet strengthen agent and etc.), paper processing chemicals(such as bactericide, defoamer, smears) and pollution control chemicals. And they are used to improve product quality and producing efficiency, better operation condition, reduce cost, increase benefit and develop new products.

We concentrates on researching and developing new paper and provide complete equipment and contact service, including defoamer, wet strengthen agent, sizing agent, deinking

agent, retention aid, filter aid and etc.

We cooperated with a number of famous global Construction materials companies and got rich experience in chemical equipmentWe provide single device and the entire factory devices output, entire production line design, factory rebuild and expand, project supervise counseling, project design and solution of difficulties during manufacturing.

We have a long history of providing machines for producing papermaking chemical. We have provided machines and turnkey project for many world well-know papermaking chemical production enterprise. We offer the entire plant output, engineering design service, factory renovation, expansion services, project management consulting services, design services etc..

Main Equipment and Function Introduction

Dual-shaft Mixer, Tri- shaft Multi-functional Mixer:

Integrate low-speed mixer, high-speed disperser and high-shear emulsifier into one equipment to realize fast mixing of powder and liquid. 

Horizontal Beads Mill: A wet milling machine used for grinding papermaking chemicals with higher final fineness requirements. It is with excellent grinding result and high efficiency. It is the most widely used milling machines in the market including Disc type Horizontal Beads Mill and All-round Horizontal Beads Mill.

High-shear Emulsifier: used for papermaking chemical dispersing, homogenizing, emulsifying and refining, it is divided into batch type and inline type; the batch type emulsifier can be customized into kettle mounted type coordinating with a variety of agitators to achieve one machine with multi-functions; the emulsifier can also be designed vacuum type, available for heating and many other types according to different producing process requirements.

Powder and Liquid Delivery Systems: powder pneumatic conveying (positive pressure, negative pressure, dense phase, dilute phase), mechanical conveyor (spiral, belts, bucket, etc.); liquid positive pressure and negative pressure conveying, pumping.

Powder, Liquid Batching System: including "incremental method", "decrement method", "volume method" and other batching methods.