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Essence, synthetic concentrated perfume oil with fruit or nature spice smell, is widely used in cosmetic, cigarette and etc. Peppers, myristica fragrans, cinnamon and etc tropical plant with special smell or rotproofness are commonly called nature spices which can be used to make essences due to its nice smell.  

After long-period studying in essence, obtains the extraction, separation, purification, alcohol recycle and etc we provide single machine and also turnkey project for essence production enterprise. We offer the entire plant output, engineering design services, factory renovation, expansion services, project management consulting services, design services etc.

Main Equipment and Function Introduction

Blender:  Widely used for mixing powder and powder, powder mixed with a small amount of liquid. For liquid charging, We have designed independent measurable spraying method to improve mixing efficiency and uniformity; The mixer have complete specifications ranging from laboratory type to production type, vertical type or horizontal type for your options.You can choose the most suitable machine according to production process and material properties (density, mesh, etc.).

Conveyor: Including pneumatic conveying(positive pressure, negative pressure, dense phase and dilute phase) and mechanical conveying(screw, bucket, chain and belt)

Packaging Machine: includes valve bag and top open bag packing machine. Based on filling range, it is divided into up to 5kg, up to 50 kg and ton-bag packaging.

High-shear Emulsifier: For dispersing, homogenizing, emulsifying and refining materials. It can be divided into batch type and inline type according to its working method. The batch type emulsifier can be customized into kettle mounted type combining with a variety of agitators to achieve one machine with multi-functions; the emulsifier can also be designed vacuum type, available for heating and many other types according to different producing process requirements.

Essence production line: The whole line can be the combination of single machines or automatic production line with advanced production technology including materials feeding system, measuring system, mixing and blending system, automatic control system, automatic packing system etc based on different essence categories and production requirements.