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Self-cleaning filter

Self-cleaning paint filter



Ø  Introduction:

The self-cleaning paint filter is a pressure type filtering device, which is suitable for filtering the particle impurities in paints and similar fluids. The filter is mainly composed of a feed pump, a feed pipe, a filter cylinder, a slotted filter element, a pneumatic motor completed with reducer, scrapers, valves, pipelines, pressure gauges, a filter rack, etc. The filtrate is pumped into the filter screen from the feed port on the side of the filter drum. Particles larger than the slots in the filter element in size are intercepted inside the filter screen. Some of these impurities adhere to the inner surface of the filter screen, which will be scraped off by a continuously rotary scraper completed with a corrector and then be flushed into the collection chamber by the downward fluids. When the impurities in the collection room accumulate to a certain amount, the control system will automatically open the drain valve to eliminate them. The filtrates passing through the filter slots flow out from the discharge port. It can maintain the constant filtration and separating capacity, and ensure a low filtration pressure difference to continuously scrape the impurities from the inner surface of the filter screen. The filter can be filled with cleaning liquids for rinsing from the drain at the bottom. Don’t open the filter until the cleaning liquids have been drained. The filter element shall be cleaned immediately with a high-pressure water gun after the lid is opened.


Ø  Applications:

The Self cleaning paint filter is widely used to separate impurities from the following materials: paints, inks, oil inks, glues, resins, chemical solvents, curing agents, lubricating oils, cosmetics, petroleum products, latexes, industrial waste water, etc.


Ø  Features:

l  Automatic cleaning of filter element

l  Automatic detection of the pressure difference between inside and outside of filter cartridge

l  Flexible use and various installation methods.

l  No side leakage

l  Easy to clean


Ø  Advantages:

l  Environmentally friendly

l  High processing capacity

l  Low filtration resistance

l  Great filtering effect

l  Easy and quick to replace the filter bag

l  High energy efficiency.

l  Perfect filtering accuracy, up to 0.5um

l  Strong processing capacity

l  Low filtration resistance

l  Perfect filtering effect

l  Energy saving


Ø  Technical specifications:

Technical parameters such as filtering capacity and filter fineness shall be customized according to the user's requirements.