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Automatic gravimetric vat fluid filling machine




A resin filling machine is a semi-automatic gravimetric filling machine, which is suitable for quantitative filling of various liquids or pastes with a large container. The filling machine is mainly composed of a filling nozzle, an electrical control system, a weighing system, a filling platform, and a conveying device. A unique submerged filling nozzle is adopted, which can effectively prevent material splashing during filling and dripping of residual liquid after filling. For the filling of different liquids, SS304, SS316, SS316L made nozzles can be selected. It is convenient to replace the nozzle. An automatic capping device to open and close the lid, a pail separating system to automatically separate buckets and an explosion-proof control system suitable for operation in hazardous areas are available as an option.


l  Weighing system

l  Drip-proof auto filling system

l  Large display screen

l  Quantitative controller

l  High precision weight display

l  Electric control system

l  2 PCS non-drive 2m*0.8m conveyer


²  Flow chart:
    Empty drum loading by hand
open mouth aligning to filling headAuto quantitative fillingLid closing by hand-Full drum unloading by hand


²  Characteristics:

l  Load cell is adopted to ensure precise quantitative filling.

l  Filling weight can be arbitrarily set within the adjustment range of filling weight.

l  Feeding procedure is divided into fast filling and slow filling to ensure measuring accuracy while improve filling speed.

l  Intelligent control instrument is adopted to ensure filling accuracy and stability.

l  Filling head is inserted into container during filling to avoid splashing.

l  Filling head will automatically ascend out after filling weight arrives at set value.

l  Vent port is provided to eliminate harmful gases generated during filling.

l  Calibration of scale and filling parameter setting are realized by software.

l  Excessive filling protection and alarm system is provided. Filling system shall be automatically shut down to avoid material spillover in the case of excessive filling.

l  Automatic diagnosis and fault display system is provided to improve reliability of the system.


²  Applications:

l  Quantitative filling of fluid such as resin, lubrictaing oil, chemical, solvent


²  Technical data:

       Model                  Parameter



Container volumeL




Filling media P. (bar)


Filling media T. ()


Weighing rangeKG


Division value (g)


Quantity of filling head



Filling capacity (PCS/H)



(Varies with operation speed and properties of   filling media)

Filling accuracy


Power supply

Single phase/220V/50Hz (can be customised)

Control source

24V DC

Compressed air

48 bar, 0.4m3/min

Outline dimensionmm



l  Material of filling head: S.S.304

l  Feeding pump, filter, power, Compressed air (compressor and air tank), overflow pipe, feeding pipe and valves are provided by user.