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Automatic gravimetric fluid filling machine

²  Features:

l  It characterizes automatic container loading, automatic container separation, quantitative filling, automatic lid placing, automatic sealing and automatic stacking.

l  PLC is adopted to realize automation of the whole production line.

l  Fault alarm is adopted.

l  Loading cell is adopted to ensure precise quantitative filling.

l  Feeding procedure is divided into fast filling and slow filling to ensure measuring accuracy while improve filling speed.

l  Anti-drip device is adopted on filling head to keep off bubbles during filling.

l  Containers are transferred among different processes by powered conveying rollers.

²  Applications:

l  Quantitative filling of fluid and paste such as paint, glue, ink, printing ink, pesticide, pharmacy, food, cosmetic and oil

        ²  Technical specifications:

                  Model                  Parameter


Container volumeL


Weighing rangeKG



Quantity of filling head


Filling speed (PC/H)



Filling accuracy




3 Phase

Compressed air


²  Remark:

l  Feeding pump with Max. 0.2MPa outlet pressure is provided by user.

l  Connection at inlet of filling machine: with DN50 quick connect

l  Material of wetted parts: S.S.304/S.S.316L

l  Container material applicable: plastic or metal

l  It can be customized according to dimension of containers.

²  Options:

l  Automatic lid loading machine, automatic capping machine, automatic aluminum foil sealing machine, automatic labeling machine, automatic inkjet printer

l  Submerged filling head

l  Explosion-proof or Non-Explosion-proof