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Automatic Bitumen Packing Machine

Full Auto Bitumen Packing Line 2




 Ø  Introduction:

TRANSOCEAN® automatic bitumen filling machine is suitable for quantitative packing of various bitumen (asphalt), industrial wax, paraffin or high temperature fluids alike with 25kg/40kg/50kg bags. It is composed of a buffer silo, a bitumen feeding system, a bag feeding unit, a vacuum bag sucker, a bag unfolding & holding device, a thermal insulation weighing filling unit, a bag holding and conveying unit, a ultrasonic bag sealing unit, a bag receiving & transferring trolley, a pallet feeding unit, a conveyor, a palletizer, frameworks and a control station. Our bitumen filling machines have been exported to Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Indonesia, Canada and other countries, and have been well received by customers.


Ø Flow chart:

Thermal insulation jackets are supplied for filling nozzles and material feeding pipes.

The vacuum bag sucker picks a bag from the bag store and sends it to the designated filling position.

The bag unfolding & holding device unfold the bag and hold it for filling

The insulation weighing filling unit fills the bag with a certain quantity of products in two steps i.e. fast filling and slow filling.

The bag holding and conveying unit holds the filled bag and move it to the ultrasonic bag sealing device for sealing, and transfer it to the bag receiving & transferring trolley.

The pallet feeding unit transfers a pallet to the position to receive the bags.

When the quantity of bags on the trolley arrives at the set value the trolley transfers the bags to the pallet on the conveyer.

The conveyor transfers the pallet carrying the certain number of bags to the palletizer.

The palletizer files up pallets to a set number of layers.

Finished pallets are transferred to the storage area by a forklift.


Ø Advantages:

All processes are carried out automatically, with high filling accuracy and high speed.

High packing capacity

Greatly reduce labor intensity and save labor cost.

Protects operators from burns


Ø Technical specifications:





Packing specification

Fusible bags (25/40/50Kg/   bag)

Packing capacity




Power supply

AC 3PH/380V/50Hz (can be customized)

Compressor air supply

4-6bar, 0.5m3/min

Ambient temperature


Design temperature (℃)


Bitumen temperature (℃)


Heating mode

by Heat transfer oil or by Steam

Outline dimension (L×W×H,   mm)


N.W. (KG)