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Waterproof coating filling machine

Waterproof coating filling machine 3

Waterproof coating filling machine 2


TRANSOCEAN® automatic waterproof coating filling machine is an ideal solution for quantitative packing of high temperature fluids such as non-curing rubber-asphalt waterproof coatings, paraffin wax, bitumen (asphalt) and alike. It consists of bucket separating & loading unit, gravimetric filling system, capping system, pallet feeder, labeling unit, coder, palletizer and film wrapping unit. All processes are carried out automatically to greatly improve packaging efficiency and reduce labor intensity.

²  Features:

            It characterizes intelligent design, excellent reliability, smooth running, energy conservation, environmental protection and high production capacity.

²  Technical specifications:

Packing pail20L tinplate barrel
Measurement modeby weight
Packing speed350-450 PCS/h
Materials to packhigh temperature media
Packing temperature (℃)120-150
Connection modeby DN80 flange 
Power supplyAC 380V/220V/50Hz (can be customized)
Installed power (KW)28
Compressor air supply5-8bar, 0.5m3/min
Ambient temperature ()040
Heating modeby Heat transfer oil, DN25
Outline dimension (L×W×H, m)15×10×4
N.W. (KGS)4,000