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Semi-Auto Asphalt Packing Machine

Installation of 1MT bitumen filling machines


Ø  Introduction:

TRANSOCEAN® semi-automatic asphalt packing machine is an ideal asphalt (bitumen) bag filling machine. It is composed of 2 buffer silos, 2 asphalt filling nozzles, a work platform and a control system. Our asphalt (bitumen) packing machines have been exported to Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Indonesia, Canada and other countries, and have been well received by our clients.


Ø  Applications:

TRANSOCEAN® semi-auto asphalt packing machine is applicable for quantitative filling of asphalt (bitumen), wax, paraffin, waterproof coatings and alike with 200kg/300kg/500kg/1000kg bags.

Bitumen bags

Ø  Features:

l  Two separate double-channel filling nozzles with electric heaters, insulation jackets and temperature sensors are adopted to prevent drop or wire drawing from the nozzles.

l  The filling process is divided into two stages i.e. fast adding and slows adding.

l  The multi-functional bag hanging and sealing system ensures firm sealing without leakage.

l  All seal rings are made of PTFE.

l  Automatic gravimetric filling with Mettler Toledo load cells

l  Real-time display of net weight of bitumen packed

l  Filling nozzles won’t work if the packing bag is not in place.


Ø  Advantages:

l  Energy saving

l  Protects operators from burns

l  Perfect filling accuracy


Ø  Technical specifications:





Quantity of filling head


Packing bag size (kgs)


Packing speed

15-20 bags/h



Power supply

AC 3PH/380V/50Hz (can be customized)

Compressor air supply

4-8bar, 0.1m3/min

Flow rate of bitumen (m3/h)


Bitumen temperature ()


Heating mode

by thermal oil or by Steam

Outline dimension (L×W×H,   mm)


N.W. (KG)



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