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PSB/PBZ Serial Vertical Top Discharge Centrifuge



1.Damper  2.Base  3.Shaft assembly  4.Drum  5.Shell  6.Loading port  7.Rinsing port  8.Exhaust  9.Cover  10.Motor


  • Filter medium shall be loaded from loading port into the drum. By virtue of centrifugal force liquid in filter medium shall be drained out of centrifuge and solid shall be kept in drum. Residual solid shall be unloaded from top of centrifuge after stopping centrifuge.

  • Smooth transition on structure is designed and exterior of centrifuge is polished to ensure sanitary of centrifuge. Wetted parts are made of stainlessness. Space between drum and shell can be cleaned after opening cover.

  • Base plate is adopted to descend barycenter of centrifuge. Base plate can work as an operation platform to facilitate operation.

  • Motor is mounted on bottom of centrifuge to save space.

  • Liquid damper is adopted to ensure easy maintenance.

  • Loading port, rinsing port, viewing window and illumination lamp are equipped on top cover.

  • Crystals in filter medium shall not be broken during separation.

  • Start is controlled by inverter.

  • Separation factor is adjustable.

  • Silicone rubber seals or fluorine rubber seals are adopted to ensure closed running.

  • Explosion-proof motor is adopted on PBZ serial centrifuge to avoid friction dust pollution.

  • with GMP sanitary standard. 


  • Separation of toxic and hazardous solid-liquid.

Technical data:



  • Nitrogen protection system

  • On line rinsing system